Saturday, June 28, 2008

Adding to the static ...

Over the past month I've been at home with nothing pressing to do, so have been checking out blogs of friends and reading some interesting material there. Didn't plan to start my own though, since I didn't think anyone would want to read what I have to say.

But I wanted some place to organize my thoughts and so thought this might just be the right format for that ... time will tell if I will keep this up - nobody's holding their breath, so nothing lost, nothing gained.


Raaga said...

oh well... I know the feeling... this is how it all starts... I have 2 blogs now and I find that even if no one came to read, they'd make interesting reading, say 20 years from now... even if just for myself :-)

I'm sure you'll always find ebough to write about. Our lives are often more interesting than we think them to be.

:-) Convey my regards to your mother please :-)

Sydney said...

Hi Bindu --

I love to go back to the first posts on the blogs of the people I have really come to know and like to see how it all started, and how the path has changed. Just wanted to add a hello to this, your first post!