Saturday, October 11, 2008


I've been tagged by Cariad in Crete - my first time! So here goes ...

Just so those who are not interested in these details don't get bored, I've interspersed the answers with goofy pictures of our cats. :)

This is shy little Shadow

1) Clothes Shop

I am totally distracted while shopping for clothes in India, for cotton skirts, blouses, saris and more. But here in the US, I rarely go shopping for clothes unless I need something in particular. I do enjoy looking at outdoor/athletic gear at Academy or REI though.

2) Furniture Shop

We have a working collection of stuff for now - I didn't enjoy the process of shopping for them! I am not very attached to my furniture - want to be able to sell it all at a moment's notice and move to far off lands. ;) I like the designs at IKEA or Pier 1 Imports though.

Gundu is an expert in the art of sleeping - you'll see

3) Sweet

I am more of a hot, spicy food person than a sweet person ... but when in the mood for sweet stuff, I like Hit chocolate cookies or chocolate wafers. And Indian milk+cashew sweets of all kinds!

4) City

There are many ... in the US: Santa Fe in New Mexico, and anywhere on Maui! Outside the US, of the places I've been to, I liked & wish I could live in Alleppey in Kerala and Cusco in Peru.

He's working hard here, holding the papers down
5) Drink

Ginger chai - I am addicted to my evening cup of ginger tea, especially on cold or cloudy days! On hot days I love coconut water, and spinach-pineapple juice from Mr. Naturals, a Mexican vegetarian restaurant here in Austin.

6) Music

Too many kinds to list here ... it depends on my moods, and I have many of them. Then I listen to ghazals, jazz, salsa, indian classical, bollywood hindi songs, tamil songs, pop music, or any other world music. Looks like I've listed all the music I know, but I really can't pick one and it does all depend on my mood! :)

He is scared of rain and hides when raindrops start to fall

7) TV Series

I haven't watched regular cable TV in a few years now, so I'm not in touch with what's happening now. But my all-time favorite TV series has to be Seinfeld. I have watched ALL the episodes multiple times, and can still watch them again. :) I also like Keeping Up Appearances, and Frasier.

8) Film

This is like the music question! But let's see - my all-time favorite movies are: O Brother Where Art Thou, Dirty Dancing, Out of Africa, Before Sunrise, Office Space, Roman Holiday ... you get the idea!

"Are all the guests gone?"
9) Workout

I've been into sports my whole life - so any chance I get, I like to play basketball or volleyball. Am addicted to hiking, and though my knees don't cooperate anymore, I like to run and bike as well.

10) Pastries

Not too much into cakes or sweet pastries, with the exception of black forest or tres leches vegan cake!

11) Coffee

I love the smell of fresh ground coffee, but hate the smell of brewed coffee! So I don't drink any. The only form I like coffee in is ice cream!

Even watching them sleep is relaxing!

I guess I need to pass along the tag - so I pass it along to: Blu (Blucamels in Brittany), Sydney (Adventures in Nature), Chris (of ShadyGrove), & Pinkdogwood (Wandering Mind) ...


Robyn said...

Oh the cats! I love the golden eyes looking down from above. It's been fun learning more about you too. I am addicted to my version of ginger chai and looove the smell of freshly ground coffee.
The comments have been doing strange things so if you've already received this .....

carlikup said...

Hello Bindu!

I just dropped by from Sidney's blog ... I love it here!

Carla :0)

megha punater said...

so nice to know your likes :)
i love 'keeping up appearances' too
and the smell of fresh ground coffee

carlikup said...


I live in Acadia !! Where exactly were you? I live in Madawaska :0)


Chris' Shady Grove said...

I left an answer for you on my blog. It will publish later this evening :)

Chris' Shady Grove said...

P.S. Textiles from India are so beautiful. I would much rather wear those items over what can be purchased in the US. Your cat photos are adorable.

Sydney said...

Thanks Bindu-- Thrilled to be tagged, my first time too.

I just saw someone passing around tags to tell six secrets about themselves, and that's what I was expecting... this is different... hate to sound like a dope but how does this work? I need to take each category and write what? My thoughts on each? How I am about each one? My favorites of each? You'd think I could catch on to that by reading yours but can you humor me and tell me?

Also, then I tag a few other folks and they have to check my blog to see what it is? help, lol!

bindu said...

Robyn - nice to see we share some of these! Another little thing - I had a south african roommate in grad school and got to know more about your country that way. I have a flag pin that she gave me too. :)

Carla - we were at Acadia national park the whole week that we were there. I think that place is heaven on earth! Do you live close to there?

Megha - it's interesting how some things are universal (almost), like fresh ground coffee! And yes, Keeping Up Appearances is too funny. :)

Chris - glad you want to play along. Will check out your answers soon. :)

Sydney - yes, you put down your thoughts about each of these things, and then pass the tag along. At least, that's what I did!

Jude said...

Well done, hope it wasn't that much of a chore, fun really.Yes, it's funny how some answers a so similar.

Chris' Shady Grove said...

I buy Green and Black's Organic Chocolate w/ crystalized ginger at our local health food store. I've seen it at Target too. Enjoy. Chris

bindu said...

Jude - it was fun, so thanks for thinking of me. :)

Chris - thanks. I'll look for it here!