Thursday, July 31, 2008

I surprise myself!

This is a food post - I just had to brag. :)

We were sort of hungry around chai-time today, and felt like eating something interesting. So I made what I will call "bite-sized corn cilantro fritters".

It was a random experiment loosely inspired by these corn patties we used to get at the fresh food section of the Atlanta whole foods. And I was happily surprised when they came out really well!

Best thing was that they were all ready within around 20 minutes!

Ingredients (to make around 20 of these) -

a handful of frozen corn
half an onion chopped very fine
a generous amount of chopped cilantro
one scallion chopped fine
besan (gram flour) and rice flour in equal quantities (about 2 spoons each)
bread crumbs (about 1.5 spoons)
a pinch of baking powder

salt, chili powder, asafoetida, pepper to taste

Method -

I mixed all the ingredients in dry form (with enough flour to just about coat the rest of the stuff), and added water so that the mixture still remained pretty thick.

I didn't want to deep-fry them, so I used this thing that my mother brought for me from India - sorry, I don't know its name, but you can see what it looks like from the picture.

I used a drop of oil in each cup and dropped half a spoon-full of the mixture into each. Then I drizzled a few more drops of oil around each of them. Covered and let them cook. In a couple of minutes I turned them over, pressed them down and added a couple more drops of oil. Let them cook for a few more minutes till both sides were golden brown.

That was it! They tasted really good, and were gone too soon.


Raaga said...

This is great... that is an appachatti or paniyara chatti. I haven't made stuff with corn much... hubby ain't a great fan of corn... but we do eat it often :-) I have to try this.

I fry in this chatti often :-)

Srividya said...

Oh no ! You can't do this to me !

bindu said...

Raaga: Thanks - my sister told me its name after she saw this. Also, I should have added the credit in the blog - I got the idea of using this appachatti from you. Thanks! :)

Srividya said...

Raaga: I read your blog regularly and even cooked your spinach kadhi last week. I didn't know you were bindu's friend. Small world I guess !