Friday, July 25, 2008

The spider has mated!

More on the life of my Writing Spider ... (from Wiki)

"Yellow garden spiders breed once a year. The males roam in search of a female, building a small web near or actually in the female's web, then court the females by plucking strands on her web. Often, when the male approaches the female, he has a safety drop line ready, in case she attacks him. After mating, the male dies, and is sometimes then eaten by the female".

Looks like our spider has mated! Her poor mate is hanging lifeless from her web even as I write this.


Srividya said...

I guess the spider is back with full force :)

bindu said...

Yes - I'm keeping an eye on her to see what she's up to. You know you're going to hear more about her! :)

Nungavaram said...

Did you choose a name for your spider, just like in Charlotte's Web? Your spider is yellow in color, may be you should name them as Thangam's or Ponnama's web! Oops, sorry wrong name

bindu said...

That's a good idea, mama! Will have to ponder the names. :)