Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Seeing in rectangles ...

I've enrolled in a photography class, and I am hooked!! I've wanted to learn how to take more artistic pictures for a long time now, and now that I have a good digital camera, I'm ready to start working on it. So I've enrolled in a class on Composition and Lighting at the Univ of Texas, and it's been a good motivation to explore all the mystery settings in the camera other than "Auto"!

I've been reading lots of stuff online, and have been waking up early and heading out with my camera to take advantage of the early morning sun. It's so exciting that I can't fall asleep at night - I'm so impatient for it to be morning so I can go out to take pictures! :)

This morning I walked down to Barton Creek, which is behind our house and got some good pictures of the creek, trees, and one discarded snake skin!!

And here's a better shot of the writing spider -

So from now on I'll upload pictures from my fast growing album - taken for this class. Since I'm pretty new to this, comments and suggestions are totally welcome.


Srividya said...

Cool ! Do you have a Digital SLR? Let me know how the class is. I have wanted to take one, but not sure what I will get out of it.

Looking forward to your pictures.

bindu said...

Vidya : Yes - we got a Nikon D80. We were looking into getting a D40, but then we already had a good 400mm lens from before and we wanted to to get something compatible with that - which was the D80. This class is forcing me to learn how to use the various options on the camera, though the classes just talks about general stuff re- lighting and composition. It's more for the motivation than the content, I guess. But it's good to be able to ask the instructor questions when I get stuck.

u_naik said...

Great pictures. Looks like you are learning a lot from your class - a clear improvement in the spider photo.
The snake skin was amazing - do you know what type of snake it was? I am sure it is roaming around near the creek so be careful and not be too absent-minded