Thursday, July 24, 2008


Thanks to Hurricane Dolly, it's raining here in Austin! After another couple of blistering hot weeks, this rain is such a blessing.

The thing with rain is, my cats can hear it hours before it really starts raining. And they start acting loopy. This morning we woke up to an incessant banging on the door because Gundu wanted to come in. He's normally our little lion, and looks it too, but when it's raining he's a pathetic sight.

He first crept under the desk and sat at my feet as he usually does when it rains. But when the wind picked up, he crept off and I found him trying to squeeze himself behind the washing machine! I pulled him out of there and stuck him under the bed and that's where he currently is. :)


Raghav said...

Where's our jaguar?

Nungavaram said...

Kudos for starting the blog. Many articles on NY times are very interesting, especially about plastic vs paper you quoted. Bredon Koener was in Colbert show, he made the same point on plastic vs paper. Regarding transportation of exotic fruits, very interesting about carbon print! Many Nations like, China Mexico and India uses smoke belching trucks to transport their food to airport, we buy them because they are cheap, no one worries about carbon print left behind. I just saw Tamil movie trailer Kuselan starring SUPER HERO Rajini. He is such a sharp shooter in his movies, may be we should send him to Pakistan to kill Binladdin, just a thought!

pRiyA said...

so you have a fat cat too! he's REALLY beautiful. i want him.

Sydney said...

Loved this!