Thursday, September 11, 2008

Nostalgia for busier times?

Fall semester has started and the work load has descended with force. After a relaxed summer, I'm trying to get into a routine of teaching, grading, reading papers for my classes, homeworks and labs, and it's not easy!

I asked for this - my second round of grad school, 'coz I went back to it knowing what I'd be getting into. I think back on grad school round #1 and wonder at how much workload I handled then, without too much fuss. That's the difference between being 20-something and 35-something, I guess!

Still, fun and largely carefree though those days were, without family responsibilities and a home to care for, there were still stressful times when research wasn't going anywhere and there seemed no end in sight.

My paintings from those days reflect those dark moods.

This time around, though I have less of a workload than I did then, I certainly have too many more distractions. There are concerts, speaker events and documentary screenings to attend, friends to hang out with, blogs to read and write ;), a good camera to experiment with, etc. etc.

In some ways I miss those days though, when I was totally broke and so couldn't afford any entertainment or travel on my grad student paycheck; when all my possessions could fit in a couple boxes, my most valuable objects were those that were of value only to me; when I was single and didn't have too many friends - and so had a lot of time to wander in the woods near the university and think thoughts. Am nostalgic for those days ... :)


Sydney said...

I hear you on that. May I ask: what are you studying?

bindu said...

Sydney - not sure if you will check here again, but I'm getting a masters in conservation biology - want to work in conservation (of habitat for wildlife - etc) later. I already have a phd in biostatistics - which is why I keep thinking back on my previous grad school experience. :)

Karine said...

Wow, so much schooling! I am impressed. I love not only the emotion in these two paintings, but also what you did with the light.

I have been considering grad school myself, but just can't seem to get my mind around it. I'm nearly 40 now, so it seems somehow so unfathomable.

bindu said...

Karine, thanks. What would you like to go to grad school to study? I'm 37, so I don't think age is a factor at all ... if it's something you really want to do, I'm sure you will find a way to do it, and will be very good at it! In some ways, with the maturity and genuine interest that comes with age, grad school is much more fulfilling!

Vidya said...

Hi Bindu,

An excerpt from a review for the new movie Brideshead Revisted. Echoes the sentiments you have here !
"People who have been to university often look back to university as the happiest times in their lives. Even though we might have been drunk or broke. We look back on those days as idyllic happiness."

bindu said...

:) Thanks for sharing Vidya - so I'm just being normal here then!

advaitin said...

These paintings are fantastic!!