Monday, September 8, 2008

Pink dogwoods and Spring colour

I know this seems like an out of season post ... but hey, it's Spring in Australia!

As the weather cools down and gets pleasant again the brain can be tricked into thinking the soft breeze and cooling rain signify Spring. Or maybe it's just wishful thinking ...

Which is your favourite Spring spot?

Mine is Atlanta. Spring in Atlanta is absolutely magical. It starts tentatively with the yellow sprays of forsythia, and then erupts into colour with dogwoods, azaleas, pear trees, cherry trees, dandelions, red buds, and more. The heat of summer brings more colour in the blue bunches of hydrangeas, pink and white crepe myrtles and the heady fragrance of magnolias, gardenias, and honeysuckle. I'm in a trance during Spring in Atlanta!

The year before we moved from there to Texas (where Spring is much less ostentatious), I took lots and lots of photos of the flowers. While they bring back the vision, they cannot replace the reality.

Enjoy the season of flowers and showers - those in the southern hemisphere!


megha punater said...

such beautiful flowers,very nice

pink dogwood said...

Wow - love your pictures - especially the top one. I love spring as well. I grew up in India and knew of no season where tree just explode with color. My first spring here in US (24 years ago :) was a pleasant surprise. I am still in awe of it, even after so many years.

kitchensurfing said...

Wasn't I your assistant during one of these photo shoots?!

bindu said...

Megha - thanks.

Bhavana - I know what you mean. I grew up in Chennai where it's summer all the time. The wonder of Spring gets me every time here. You'd asked about camera - I use a Nikon D80 now, but for these pictures I used just a Cannon PowerShot A530.

G - yes you were!