Friday, August 15, 2008

And then there was rain

Summer Rain
by Raymond A. Foss

A break in the heat
away from the front
no thunder, no lightning,
just rain, warm rain
falling near dusk
falling on eager ground
steaming blacktop
hungry plants
turning toward the clouds
cooling, soothing rain
splashing in sudden puddles
catching in open screens
that certain smell
of summer rain.


Ray Foss said...

Bindu - Nice picture. All of my poetry (2,800+ poems) is at (Poetry Where You Live). I have over 750 photos too.

bindu said...

Great - I'll add the link to your poems. I was looking for a poem (to go with my picture) that aptly captured the effect of the short burst of summer rain we had yesterday here in Texas, and yours was perfect!

kitchensurfing said...

Check this out. Turning dreams into reality.