Monday, August 4, 2008


Last weekend we had our photography "field trip" - we woke up early on Saturday morning and went over to downtown Austin to take some photos.

We'd been out with friends Friday night and got to bed only at 4am, so it was really hard to wake up and get going at 7am for this class. Plus, I normally don't enjoy photographing in the city, so I wasn't too excited. But once I got started, it was actually fun and I got some interesting shots.

Here's one of the Austin Scarborough Building which was built around 1910, reflected on the shiny surface of a more modern building across the street.

It was interesting to observe how as in most cities, the older, more ornate buildings compete for space here too, among the newer, streamlined-looking buildings.

My instructor spotted this reflection, and I couldn't resist getting this shot too. I have more - will post them later.


kitchensurfing said...

Wow, Bindu, out partying till 4! Partee!

Srividya said...

Partying till 4 am? I guess you guys are still keeping up with the Grad school routine :)
What does the first picture represent?

bindu said...

:) That's coz we still hang out with grad students or recent grads ... we bring up the average age quite a bit.

The first pic is of a mural on one of the walls.