Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Time for another spider post

Our resident spider has been growing in size. Her web has been getting bigger and bigger, and she spent most of the morning yesterday eating a small cockroach! I think she's loading up to produce some eggs. :)

Anyway, all this time I've been photographing her underside because I didn't have access to the top side of her web - since she's spun it along the outside of one of our windows and sits between the web and the wall. But now she's moved the web higher and so I can clearly see her through the window of the living room.

This morning was cloudy outside and so there was nice even light. Plus, I wanted to play around with some of the light settings on my camera and decided to photograph her through the glass window. This is what I got.

I used the "cloudy" setting for the white balance - so the picture colours are more natural - and not blue as in the earlier spider pictures (though I also kinda like the blue). I also set the sharpness to high and set the color setting to vivid.


kitchensurfing said...

Have you put up all you pictures in one place yet?

Have owned a basic digital camera for 3 years, but only now figured out all the settings and menus...its got a lot of interesting options! Am all kicked about playing around with it!

bindu said...

hey - no I haven't put up all my pics - will do soon. Great that you're starting up too - look fwd to seeing some of your pics. I saw you've changed the top part of your blog - looks good!

Nungavaram said...

Are you the midwife for your pregnant spider and when are the eggs due?

bindu said...

I'm watching her web closely. :) As soon as an egg sac pops out, you know I will post a photo!