Monday, August 25, 2008

Spider Milestone

Update on the life of our spider - over the past week or so, she had spun herself a gigantic web and would often catch small roaches or beetles for a meal. She must've been eating for two (thousand).

As of this morning she has moved to a small corner where she's spun herself a tiny web. Alongside is suspended her first egg sac.

Wiki says:

"She lays her eggs at night on a sheet of silken material, then covers them with another layer of silk, then a protective brownish silk. She then uses her legs to form the sheet into a ball with an upturned neck. Egg sacs range from 5/8" to 1" in diameter. She often suspends the egg sac right on her web, near the center where she spends most of her time. Each spider produces from one to four sacs with perhaps over a thousand eggs inside each. She guards the eggs against predation as long as she is able. However, as the weather cools, she becomes more frail, and dies around the time of the first hard frost."

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